Weekly Cheese Board – Pendragon, Wigmore, Blue Wenslydale

This week’s cheese board available on deliveries until Friday 28th March 2014


A hard, Cheddar style cheese made with pasteurised Buffalo milk and suitable for vegetarians. Milk for each batch is sourced from a single farm. Distinctively flavoured – full and rounded with a strong,  savoury  characteristic. Pendragon takes it’s name from the strong historical connections Somerset has with the myths of  King Arthur.

200g (approx) – £4.63

Quote offer code 14990



A semi soft ewe’s milk cheese which develops a pinkish–brown to grey-brown, wrinkled rind that has a yeasty, slightly sour aroma. The curd is washed to remove excess whey, creating a low-acid cheese. A voluptuous, smooth, supple consistency develops resulting in a very pleasant sweet and mild flavour.

400g – £7.93

Quote offer code – 14670


wensletdaleblueWenslydale Blue

Made by the Wensleydale Dairy in Hawes, a town on the Yorkshire Moors. Taking one of the most popular territorial English cheeses they have produced a creamy blue semi hard cheese which has a crumbly texture and a distinctive taste.

200g (approx) – £3.73

Quote offer code – 14994


About Wrights Dairies
One of the few remaining independent family run businesses on the South Coast of England. Aiming to offer a first class services based around your dairy needs. We also make sure we, like the caterer, do not just work 8 to 5, Monday to Friday. Out of hours we have an evening answer phone service for orders and queries up until 12 midnight, so there's no panic if you forget a product or have a very busy evening. We also work 363 days a year!

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