Weekly Cheese Board – Barbers 1833 Vintage Cheddar, Somerset Camembert, Oxford Blue

This week’s cheese board available on deliveries until Friday 17th January 2014

barbers1833Barbers 1833 Vintage  Cheddar

Barbers 1833 represents the summit of the family achievements in making cheddar over six generations. Only a few vats each month are deemed good enough to be matured for 24 months to reach its full potential. The resulting cheddar is powerful in its intensity. Complexity and depth of flavour are unrivalled. Distinctively smooth and creamy background, often with a slightly crunchy texture.

1kg (approx) – £6.50 per kg

Quote offer code 15366

Somerset CamembertSomerset Camembert

Lubborn Somerset Camembert is rich and creamy with a soft edible white rind. As the cheese matures the curd softens, becoming a uniform butter or straw colour and developing a fuller flavour.

220g – £2.20 each

Quote offer code – 14661

Oxford BlueOxford Blue

This blue veined cheese has a very smooth texture with the strong taste you would associate with a blue, but much creamier than a stilton.It is made by Baron Pouget of the Oxford Cheese Company in Worminghall, Buckinghamshire.

300g (approx) – £5.60 each

Quote offer code – 14995


About Wrights Dairies
One of the few remaining independent family run businesses on the South Coast of England. Aiming to offer a first class services based around your dairy needs. We also make sure we, like the caterer, do not just work 8 to 5, Monday to Friday. Out of hours we have an evening answer phone service for orders and queries up until 12 midnight, so there's no panic if you forget a product or have a very busy evening. We also work 363 days a year!

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