GPS can give Dairy farmers big cost savings

We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that the dairy industry isn’t one for keeping up with modern technology.

Whilst this industry may not be at the forefront of developing new technologies, it is by no means being left behind, there are many advances that include automated milking machines to name just one of the modern enhancements.

However there are many farmers who have spent many years doing things via a tried and tested method, so it takes a brave sole to push the boundaries and look for new ways to do the same job more efficiently.

ID-10053479Many have us have come into contact with GPS with in car satellite navigation.  It is this same technology that can bring big savings to farmers, no matter how big your land is.

A recent article over at Farmers Weekly, highlighted how one arable farmer invested in a GPS enabled spreader for his 3600ha of grassland.  The equipment was £5,000 more expensive than the non-GPS enabled spreader, but the expected saving of 5% in fertiliser cost due to the accuracy & intelligence of the GPS enabled spreader.

In fact Mr Rawson achieved payback in just one year highlighting how for dairy famers who may not even have as much grassland could easily payback for the investment in 3-5 years.

The speeders are intelligent to know where has already been spread and even reduce the flow to accommodate for the angles and shapes of fields.

It is by embracing such that farmers can soon find big cost savings and the potential to pass those cost savings on through the chain of supply.

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